Nikki-rose Quinlan
I am a nature lover at heart, I like to be in open spaces.
I am a wildlife protector and believe strongly in conservation.
I am a skateboarder, personally theres no better feeling.
I am a surfer, I need the ocean as much as it needs humanity's protection.
I am a sister to 6 other siblings, a daughter, aunty and friend. I am a listener and reader to other's stories, so feel free to share yours with me.
I am a health freak, I love organic fresh produce.
I am an exercise addict, it frees' my mind.
I am a hard worker, you will never achieve what you want when giving zero effort.
I am so much more, so feel free to ask or share with me anything you wish <3
I do not appreciate or tolerate arrogance, dishonesty, one minded thinking or negativity in a person which has lead to my pleasure of having the most beautiful and trustworthy group of friends, I am so blessed!